In keeping with the title, I will now explain what it is I intend to do with this blog, for those of you who might be interested; as well as making clear to myself.

The main purpose of this is to provide me with a place to put down some of my thoughts relating to my wider academic research. Ideas that are not yet properly thought out that I am trying to figure out in my own mind. The added benefit of this is that these ideas and the process behind them might be of use to others. Hopefully, this might even generate some discussion that will be advantageous to all involved.

In addition, I will also occasionally write posts that don’t have any direct links to my research but are more to do with my general interest in videogames. These will likely take the form of a traditional blog post, rather than the long “article” type posts I have written in the past elsewhere. As much as I enjoyed writing those, they could take up quite some time and I have scrapped a fair few because I didn’t like the quality of the final written form that emerged from this, even though the initial idea was worthy of discussion. This is why the blog format is good just to get these ideas out there.

Ultimately though this blog is mostly to benefit myself and to support my academic work and the considerable amount of thinking and ideas that contribute to it. But instead of making a personal diary, in keeping with what I consider to be the core of academia – that being the sharing of knowledge – I wanted to make this public so that others can hopefully benefit even just a little from what I write on this blog.