Can music help explain your PhD thesis?

This week I’ve been thinking about a particular piece of music, and how that music is actually quite a good way of understanding my PhD thesis and the different components of it. Before I get into what that piece is, how I made that realisation and got to this point I feel I need to explain how this came about. As well as identifying why this works for me and how other pieces of media surprisingly don’t work as well.

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Why it can be great to take a break from a console

You may or may not be aware that I write for the excellent Switch Player Magazine so it should therefore not come as a surprise that I have played my fair share of Switch games and subsequently written a considerable amount of words about said games.

However, this does, of course, bring the issue of turning my experience with the Switch into something that borders on becoming a job (well technically it is a job). Not that I’m complaining, it’s wonderful to be able to write for one of the few physical videogame magazines out there (which is now even fewer) but there are times where you have to make yourself play on the system when there might be other things you want/need to do.

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Does cross-play between Nintendo and Microsoft signal the deterioration of the console wars?

E3 2018 wasn’t all that long ago, but for an event that typically focuses on upcoming releases, dominating the news cycle was the arrival of Epic Games’ Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch (the worst kept secret amongst a string of leaks). What’s more was the realisation that anyone who had linked their Epic Games account to a PSN account were unable to use it at all with their Switch, the only solution was to create a brand-new account.

Then last week Nintendo’s official media channels posted a video promoting the bedrock version of Minecraft that had just arrived on Switch (replacing the Switch Edition). During the video, two people are shown playing Minecraft, one on Switch and another on Xbox One, and ends with the screen divided into equal parts Xbox green and Switch red before displaying “Better Together”. This was followed by a social-media “bromance” between the Xbox and Nintendo Twitter accounts.

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