Whilst not the first time presenting in front of an audience, this was the first time presenting to an academic audience outside of my research group. It was also an instance where my subject (videogames) was not the focus.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, this is still often the case, but my aim is to inform people of the relevance of videogames in understanding different concepts; in this instance memory.

The focus of the talk centred around the work of Vladimir Propp and his book Morphology of the Folktale. I first came across his work via a research colleague and the way they described his work drew many connections to The Legend of Zelda series. So when I actually began to read the book I began unpacking these instances and began to highlight how these have since been remediated in another medium – film – but also how Zelda itself has remediated this already.

After the symposium I was asked to co-author with Dr Hannah Drayson a piece looking back at the talks presented during the day.

A collection of some of the slides from the presentation depicting the remediation that has taken place